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This plugin retrieves data about Issues from a Bugzilla v5+ instance using its REST API. Bugzilla provides a complete issues tracking system for software development, used by thousands of OSS and private projects around the world.

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Quick Summary

139 issue authors

From 2007-11-28T13:42:21Z

To 2019-10-01T12:30:26Z

620 issues total

146 issues open

0 issues open unassigned

There is a total of 15 metrics retrieved.

  • Number of issues recently submitted: 0 last week, 2 last month, 25 last year.
  • Total number of authors: 139 overall, 0 last week, 1 last month, 9 last year.
  • Number of issues recently updated: 0 last week, 2 last month, 25 last year.

Evolution of issues creation

Old open issues

There are 40 open issues (with a status NEW) that have not been updated for more than one year. You probably should review them to make sure they’re still relevant or if they need some more details or information. A high number of open, dormant issues clutters the lists and general tracking of issues, and decreases the confidence in the tracker and process.

The following table lists the 10 oldest issues that are still open and have not been updated during the last year.

Old issues
ID Summary Created on Assigned to Last update on
304977 eol script for copying eugenia annotations from one version of a model to another 2010-03-08T12:38:11Z 2012-02-06T15:59:20Z
313768 Integration of ECL with EMF Compare 2010-05-20T16:56:13Z 2012-02-06T15:59:20Z
313776 Querying of metamodel file crashes if metamodel doesn’t exist 2010-05-20T17:13:19Z 2012-02-06T15:59:15Z
317275 Enable the user to drag and drop elements from the EPackage Registry View 2010-06-18T08:23:32Z 2012-02-06T15:59:39Z
325319 Make it easier/quicker to create a launch configuration for validating a single model 2010-09-15T09:13:32Z 2012-02-06T15:59:24Z
340960 Switching-off individual EVL constraints is not possible 2011-03-25T14:01:34Z 2012-02-06T15:59:14Z
351292 [EOL] Add support for properties based on context operations 2011-07-06T09:32:36Z 2012-02-06T15:59:40Z
384333 Allow more non alphanumeric characters in identifiers 2012-07-05T08:55:59Z 2012-07-17T05:58:28Z
359092 [Debugger] Test with “platform:/plugin/…” URLs 2011-09-27T15:07:09Z 2013-03-28T22:56:26Z
316902 EOL Interpreter view component 2010-06-15T13:32:51Z 2013-09-09T11:09:23Z


The following plots show the number of issues (opened, closed) on all the milestones of the project that have at least one open task.

The complete list of milestones is provided below:

Name Issues total Issues opened Issues closed
— 619 51 568
1.2 1 0 1

Open, unassigned issues

0 issues have an open status and are not yet assigned. Although it heavily depends on the issues workflow and local customs, it is generally considered good practice to assign issues when they are in an open state so as to know who is responsible for the action. Display is limited to 10 issues for readability.

Open, unassigned issues
ID State Title Due Created Updated Votes (up/down) Comments


This Bugzilla instance defines a list of 1 components attached to this product.

Component Bugs
Core 620


This Bugzilla instance defines a list of 1 versions attached to this product.

Component Bugs
unspecified 620

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