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Scancode analysis results for modeling.m2t.acceleo

Scancode toolkit is an open-source tool that detects licenses, copyrights, package manifests and dependencies by scanning a codebase.

You can learn more about this module on its documentation page on the project wiki.


Scancode identified 14 metrics:

  • A total of 6910 entries in the codebase, including 5083 files and NA directories,

  • Current codebase includes 91 special files, and 70 files considered as generated.

  • Total number of licences identified is 11.

  • Total number of copyrights identified is 7.

  • Total number of holders identified is 8.

  • Total number of authors identified is 5.

  • Total number of programming languages identified is 11.

Special files

Special files are defined as:

  • key files: top-level codebase files such as COPYING, README and package manifests.
  • readmes
  • legal stuff files, eg licences
  • manifests

The following table shows the list of special files identified in the codebase (only the 10 first items are displayed). You can download the full list of special files from here.

Key files
File path Type
pom.xml manifest
features/org.eclipse.acceleo.aql.feature/pom.xml manifest
features/org.eclipse.acceleo.aql.launcher-feature/pom.xml manifest
features/org.eclipse.acceleo.aql.migration-feature/pom.xml manifest
features/org.eclipse.acceleo.ui.interpreter-feature/pom.xml manifest
plugins/org.eclipse.acceleo.aql/pom.xml manifest
plugins/org.eclipse.acceleo.aql/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF manifest
plugins/org.eclipse.acceleo.aql.doc/pom.xml manifest
plugins/org.eclipse.acceleo.aql.doc/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF manifest
plugins/org.eclipse.acceleo.aql.edit/pom.xml manifest


The full list of licences can be downloaded from here.

Licence Count
unknown 3867
epl-1.0 1229
cpl-1.0 AND other-permissive 38
apache-2.0 13
mit 10
epl-1.0 OR bsd-new 3
epl-2.0 OR apache-2.0 2
epl-2.0 1
mit OR bsd-new OR gpl-1.0-plus 1
mit OR bsd-new OR gpl-2.0 1
mit OR gpl-2.0 1


The full list of copyrights can be downloaded from here.

Copyright Count
unknown 3916
Copyright (c) Obeo 1177
Copyright (c) Obeo, France 15
Copyright Twitter, Inc 13
Copyright (c) Obeo and others 2
Copyright The Dojo Foundation 2
Copyright John Resig 1


The full list of authors can be downloaded from here.

Author Count
unknown 4976
Yvan Lussaud 124
Florent Latombe 41
content Acceleo 2
Romain Guider 1


The full list of holders can be downloaded from here.

Holder Count
unknown 3916
Obeo 1176
Obeo, France 15
Twitter, Inc 13
Obeo and others 2
The Dojo Foundation 2
John Resig 1
Obeo. .append(LS) buffer.append 1

Programming Languages

The full list of programming languages can be downloaded from here.

Programming Languages
Programming Language Count
unknown 3964
Java 1016
Python 26
Objective-C 9
ActionScript 3 6
JavaScript 2
Bash 1 1


The visualisations on this page can be exported and easily reused on an external web site. You can find more information on iframes and pictures reuse in the project's wiki. Remember to change the server name in the code samples provided.

Pie chart of licences (HTML)

    <iframe src="http://server/projects/modeling.m2t.acceleo/Scancode/scancode_licences.html" frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; height: 350px"></iframe>

Pie chart of copyrights (HTML)

    <iframe src="http://server/projects/modeling.m2t.acceleo/Scancode/scancode_copyrights.html" frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; height: 350px"></iframe>

Pie chart of authors (HTML)

    <iframe src="http://server/projects/modeling.m2t.acceleo/Scancode/scancode_authors.html" frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; height: 350px"></iframe>

Pie chart of holders (HTML)

    <iframe src="http://server/projects/modeling.m2t.acceleo/Scancode/scancode_holders.html" frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; height: 350px"></iframe>

Pie chart of programming languages (HTML)

    <iframe src="http://server/projects/modeling.m2t.acceleo/Scancode/scancode_programming_languages.html" frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; height: 350px"></iframe>

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