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This page lists all the information, data, figures, visualisation retrieved by plugin SonarQube45 for project modeling.mdt.papyrus.

From the plugin's documentation:

Retrieves information from a SonarQube 4.5.x instance (i.e. metrics and violations), and visualises them.

Check the documentation for this plugin on the project wiki:

The plugin has generated 1 information items, 45 metrics, 0 recommendations, 1 visualisation, 7 downloads, and 4 figures. Last analysis was executed on 2020-09-22 15:16:02.


Name Value


Name Mnemo Description Value Indicator
Number of comment lines SQ_COMMENT_LINES Number of lines containing either comment or commented-out code.
Comment lines density SQ_COMR Density of comment lines = Comment lines / (Lines of code + Comment lines) * 100.
Commented code SQ_COM_CODE Commented lines of code
Test coverage SQ_COVERAGE Overall test coverage.
Branch coverage SQ_COVERAGE_BRANCH Branch test coverage.
Line coverage SQ_COVERAGE_LINE Line test coverage.
Total complexity SQ_CPX It is the complexity calculated based on the number of paths through the code. Whenever the control flow of a function splits, the complexity counter gets incremented by one. Each function has a minimum complexity of 1. This calculation varies slightly by language because keywords and functionalities do.
File complexity SQ_CPX_FILE_IDX Average complexity by file.
Duplicated lines (%) SQ_DUPLICATED_LINES_DENSITY Density of duplication = Duplicated lines / Lines * 100.
Number of files SQ_FILES The total number of files analysed.
Number of functions SQ_FUNCS Number of functions. Depending on the language, a function is either a function or a method or a paragraph.
Number of lines of code SQ_NCLOC Number of physical lines that contain at least one character which is neither a whitespace or a tabulation or part of a comment.
Package Tangle index SQ_PACKAGES_TANGLE_IDX The Package tangle index, as defined in SonarQube.
Public API SQ_PUBLIC_API Number of public Classes + number of public Functions + number of public Properties
Public documented API (%) SQ_PUBLIC_API_DOC_DENSITY Density of public documented API = (Public API - Public undocumented API) / Public API * 100
Sqale Debt ratio SQ_SQALE_DEBT_RATIO The Technical Debt Ratio, as defined in Sqale.
Technical debt SQ_SQALE_INDEX Effort to fix all maintainability issues. The measure is stored in minutes in the DB.
Maintainability rating SQ_SQALE_RATING Rating given to your project related to the value of your Technical Debt Ratio. The default Maintainability Rating grid is: A=0-0.05, B=0.06-0.1, C=0.11-0.20, D=0.21-0.5, E=0.51-1.
Number of statements SQ_STATEMENTS Number of statements.
Number of blocker issues SQ_VIOLATIONS_BLOCKER The total number of issues (violations) found by SonarQube with a severity equal to BLOCKER.
Number of critical issues SQ_VIOLATIONS_CRITICAL The total number of issues (violations) found by SonarQube with a severity equal to CRITICAL.
Number of info issues SQ_VIOLATIONS_INFO The total number of issues (violations) found by SonarQube with a severity equal to INFO.
Number of major issues SQ_VIOLATIONS_MAJOR The total number of issues (violations) found by SonarQube with a severity equal to MAJOR.
Number of minor issues SQ_VIOLATIONS_MINOR The total number of issues (violations) found by SonarQube with a severity equal to MINOR.


Type Severity Description


Script Name URL
sonarqube45.html SonarQube /projects/modeling.mdt.papyrus/SonarQube45/sonarqube45.html


Plugin Description URL
import_sq_issues_blocker.json import_sq_issues_blocker.json
The original list of blocker issues as sent out by SonarQube (JSON).
import_sq_issues_critical.json import_sq_issues_critical.json
The original list of critical issues as sent out by SonarQube (JSON).
import_sq_issues_major.json import_sq_issues_major.json
The original list of major issues as sent out by SonarQube (JSON).
sq_issues_blocker.csv sq_issues_blocker.csv
A list of all blocker issues for the project (CSV).
sq_issues_critical.csv sq_issues_critical.csv
A list of all critical issues for the project (CSV).
sq_issues_major.csv sq_issues_major.csv
A list of all major issues for the project (CSV).
sq_metrics.csv sq_metrics.csv
A list of all metrics with their values (CSV).


Script Description URL
sonarqube_summary.html Summary of main SonarQube metrics (HTML) /projects/modeling.mdt.papyrus/SonarQube45/sonarqube_summary.html
sonarqube_violations.html Summary of SonarQube violations (HTML) /projects/modeling.mdt.papyrus/SonarQube45/sonarqube_violations.html
sonarqube_violations_bar.svg Repartition of violations severity (SVG) /projects/modeling.mdt.papyrus/SonarQube45/sonarqube_violations_bar.svg
sonarqube_violations_pie.html Pie chart of repartition of violations severity (HTML) /projects/modeling.mdt.papyrus/SonarQube45/sonarqube_violations_pie.html

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