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This page lists all the information, data, figures, visualisation retrieved by plugin Jenkins for project technology.app4mc.

From the plugin's documentation:

Retrieves information from a Jenkins continuous integration engine, displays a summary of its status, and provides recommendations to better use CI.

Check the documentation for this plugin on the project web site:

The plugin has generated 0 information items, 6 metrics, 0 recommendations, 1 visualisation, 2 downloads, and 1 figures. Last analysis was executed on 2022-08-10 00:10:07.


Name Value


Name Mnemo Description Value Indicator
Number of jobs CI_JOBS The total number of jobs defined on the CI engine. 20
Number of failed jobs one week CI_JOBS_FAILED_1W The number of jobs that failed during last week on the CI engine. 0 5
Number of green jobs CI_JOBS_GREEN The number of green (successful) jobs on the CI engine. 17
Ratio of green jobs CI_JOBS_GREEN_RATIO The number of green (successful) jobs on the CI engine, divided by the total number of jobs. 100 5
Number of red jobs CI_JOBS_RED The number of red (failed) jobs on the CI engine. 0
Number of yellow jobs CI_JOBS_YELLOW The number of yellow (unstable) jobs on the CI engine. 0


Type Severity Description


Script Name URL
jenkins.html Jenkins CI /projects/technology.app4mc/Jenkins/jenkins.html


Plugin Description URL
jenkins_builds.csv jenkins_builds.csv
The list of CI builds, in CSV format.
jenkins_jobs.csv jenkins_jobs.csv
The list of CI jobs, in CSV format.


Script Description URL
jenkins_pie.html Pie chart of jobs statuses (HTML) /projects/technology.app4mc/Jenkins/jenkins_pie.html

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