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This page lists all the information, data, figures, visualisation retrieved by plugin Scancode for project technology.ease.

From the plugin's documentation:

The generic Scancode plugin enables users to easily scan their codebase for license issues.

See the project's wiki for more information.

The plugin has generated 0 information items, 14 metrics, 0 recommendations, 1 visualisation, 10 downloads, and 5 figures. Last analysis was executed on 2022-10-05 00:25:52.


Name Value


Name Mnemo Description Value Indicator
Authors SC_AUTHORS_VOL Number of authors detected in the code. 3
Number of copyrights SC_COPYRIGHTS_VOL Number of copyrights detected by Scancode in the code base. 26
Total number of files analysed SC_FILES_VOL Total number of files analysed (and documented) by Scancode. Metric is the number of files provided in the list of analysed files returned by Scancode. 2484
Automatically generated files SC_GENERATED_VOL Number of files tagged as automatically generated, as detected by Scancode. 52
Code of Conduct SC_HAS_CODEOFCONDUCT The number of files considered as a code of conduct, as detected by Scancode. These can be any initiative and written document to regulate the behaviour of individuals 1 5
Has contributing SC_HAS_CONTRIBUTING The number of files considered as a contributing or development guide, as detected by Scancode. 1 5
Has licence SC_HAS_LICENCE The number of files considered as legal (i.e. licences), as detected by Scancode. 2 5
Has Readme SC_HAS_README The number of files considered as a readme, as detected by Scancode. 1 5
Number of copyright holders SC_HOLDERS_VOL Number of copyright holders detected in the code. 26
Licences check SC_LIC_CHECK Unwanted licences in the code, as provided by tools like ScanCode (or Black Duck or..). 5 3
Programming languages SC_PROGS_VOL Number of programming languages detected in the code. 10
Special files SC_SPECIAL_FILES Number of legal, license, readmes, manifests, copyright and other files for key, top-level files. 128


Type Severity Description


Script Name URL
scancode.html Scancode /projects/technology.ease/Scancode/scancode.html


Plugin Description URL
metrics_scancode.csv metrics_scancode.csv
The CSV list of metrics computed by the ScanCode plugin.
scancode.json scancode.json
The JSON output of the ScanCode execution.
scancode_authors.csv scancode_authors.csv
The CSV extract of all holders authors in files.
scancode_copyrights.csv scancode_copyrights.csv
The CSV extract of all copyrights found in files.
scancode_files.csv scancode_files.csv
The CSV list of all files analysed by Scancode.
scancode_holders.csv scancode_holders.csv
The CSV extract of all holders found in files.
scancode_licences.csv scancode_licences.csv
The CSV extract of all license expressions found in files.
scancode_packages.csv scancode_packages.csv
The CSV extract of all packages identified in sources.
scancode_programming_languages.csv scancode_programming_languages.csv
The CSV extract of all programming languages found in files.
scancode_special_files.csv scancode_special_files.csv
The CSV list of all special files. See documentation to know what a special file is.


Script Description URL
scancode_authors.html Pie chart of authors detected in the codebase. /projects/technology.ease/Scancode/scancode_authors.html
scancode_copyrights.html Pie chart of copyrights detected in the codebase. /projects/technology.ease/Scancode/scancode_copyrights.html
scancode_holders.html Pie chart of holders detected in the codebase. /projects/technology.ease/Scancode/scancode_holders.html
scancode_licences.html Pie chart of licences detected in the codebase. /projects/technology.ease/Scancode/scancode_licences.html
scancode_programming_languages.html Pie chart of programming languages detected in the codebase. /projects/technology.ease/Scancode/scancode_programming_languages.html

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