technology.epf Project Recommendations

This table lists all available recommendations retrieved from plugins for this project.

Type Severity Description
PMI_EMPTY_WIKI High The wiki URL is missing in the PMI. It helps people understand and use the product and should be filled.
PMI_EMPTY_UPDATE High The update site URL is empty in the PMI. People need it if they want to use the product, and it should be filled.
PMI_EMPTY_CI High The Hudson CI engine URL [] in the PMI is empty.
PMI_EMPTY_TITLE Medium The title entry is empty in the PMI.
SCM_LOW_ACTIVITY There have been only 0 commits during last year. The project is considered low-activity.
SCM_LOW_DIVERSITY There have been only 0 authors during last year. This is a low numbers for authors, and it represents a risk for the sustainability of the project.

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