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Jenkins Continuous Integration Engine

Jenkins instance [NA] is located at

There are 4 jobs defined on this instance. 1 are green (stable), 0 are yellow (unstable), 1 are red (failing).


The following metrics are available:

  • Number of jobs defined on the host (CI_JOBS): 4.
  • Number of jobs in status failed for more than one week (CI_JOBS_FAILED_1W): 1.
  • Number of jobs in status green (CI_JOBS_GREEN): 1.
  • Number of jobs in status yellow (CI_JOBS_YELLOW): 0.
  • Number of jobs in status red (CI_JOBS_RED): 1.

Failing Jobs

There are 1 failing jobs on the instance.

These jobs have not been failing for a long time (less than a week). It should be quite easy to make them succeed again. Fix them as soon as possible.

  • No job failing for less than a week!

These jobs have been failing for quite a long time (more than a month). Constantly failing builds are not good for build confidence. They should be disabled if they are not relevant anymore, or if you think they still have some value then fix them.

  • tycho-build-with-maven-snapshots has been failing for 127 days.

List of failing jobs, sorted by last successful build.

Failing jobs
Name Last Build Last Duration Stability
tycho-build-with-maven-snapshots 2022-09-29 17:38:26 8 sec. 0 %

Unstable Jobs

A build is considered unstable if it was built successfully and one or more publishers report it unstable. For example if the JUnit publisher is configured and a test fails then the build will be marked unstable.

One of the purpose of continuous integration is to provide confidence in builds and deliveries, so unstability is not an option. Fix them, or disable the failing publishers if they are not relevant anymore. This list should be generally empty, or at least a temporary, time-limited stage for builds.

Unstable jobs
Name Last Build Last Duration Stability

Successful Jobs

These jobs run well, congrats!

Maybe you could check from time to time if this criterion is still relevant: are the builds succeeding because they measure the wrong thing, because the build is outdated and doesn’t evolve anymore, or because things are plainly right?

OK jobs
Name Last Build Last Duration Stability
automatic-tool-install-test 2022-09-21 16:03:18 4 sec. 60 %

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