tools.pdt Plugin SonarQube45

SonarQube results analysis for tools.pdt

SonarQube is a widely-used source code analyzer .

You can learn more about this module on its documentation page on the project wiki.


Size metrics

SonarQube identified:

  • 306213 lines of code and 145966 statements,
  • 2618 files and 24506 functions.

The overall complexity (cyclomatic number) is 76649:

  • Average complexity for files is 29.3
  • Average complexity for classes is 22
  • Average complexity for functions is 3.1


There are 67437 lines of comments, which makes a comment rate of 18%.

There are 11983 public API artefacts (public classes, interfaces, methods, constructors, annotations and attributes), including 7113 artefacts undocumented. The ratio of public API documentation is 40.6%.


There are 22338 duplicated lines, 1123 duplicated blocks and 446 duplicated files. The overall density of duplicate lines is 4.6.

Sqale technical debt

Sqale rating for the whole application is A (1), for a technical debt ratio of 5.6. The Sqale index (overall Sqale technical debt) is 518094.


Test coverage for the full application is 29.6%. There are 14572 unit tests identified. Line test coverage is 30.8% and branch test coverage is 27.1%.

Violations (issues)

SonarQube returned a total of 16893 violations to checked rules, excluding Minor and Info severities. The severity repartition is as follows:

  • 0 issues with priority BLOCKER,
  • 402 issues with priority CRITICAL,
  • 11865 issues with priority MAJOR
  • 3821 issues with priority MINOR
  • 805 issues with priority INFO.

Note that the SonarQube API returns only 10 000 issues at most in each category to prevent memory overflows.

16893 issues are in an open state, and NA issues unassigned.

This plot shows the repartition of violations according to their severity, from Blocker to Info.


The visualisations on this page can be exported and easily reused on an external web site. You can find more information on iframes and pictures reuse in the project's wiki. Remember to change the server name in the code samples provided.

Summary of main SonarQube metrics (HTML)

<iframe src="http://server/projects/tools.pdt/SonarQube45/sonarqube_summary.html" frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; height: 350px"></iframe>

Summary of SonarQube violations (HTML)

<iframe src="http://server/projects/tools.pdt/SonarQube45/sonarqube_violations.html" frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; height: 350px"></iframe>

Pie chart of checked and broken rules (HTML)

<iframe src="http://server/projects/tools.pdt/SonarQube45/sonarqube_violations_pie.html" frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; height: 350px"></iframe>

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